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Rapid Kinetic Mixing Accessory

Rapid Kinetic Mixing Accessory

The Rapid Kinetics Accessories may be used in conjunction with most commercially available UV/Visible absorption spectrophotometers and spectrofluorimeters. The accessory has an empirical deadtime <8ms, allowing reaction rates of up to 100 s-1 to be monitored, depending on the response time of the spectrometer.
The latest high precision, research grade, gas-tight syringes are used and are available in volumes from 250 µl to 5 ml. Variable ratio mixing applications are readily accommodated since the syringes are mounted outside the thermostatically controlled sample circuit, allowing easy and rapid replacement. This also prevents any possibility of leaks at low temperatures.
The syringes are mounted on a rigid drive platform ensuring that the flow is stopped precisely and instantaneously. This platform and the syringe mounting blocks are extremely resistant to chemical attack. The thermostatted sample circuit itself is constructed from materials which also provide optimum chemical resistance. Reagents travel in this inert sample circuit through an umbilical cord to the flow cell where they are mixed by a high efficiency T-format mixer.
The cell offers both 2 mm and 10 mm optical path lengths as standard. The standard flow cell supplied with the Series will fit any UV/Visible spectrophotometer or spectrofluorimeter having standard 1 cm cuvette holder and a 15 mm beam height. However, flow cells can be tailored for instruments with different beam height or optical geometry.