Spectro Biotek Instruments
Stopped-Flow System

Stopped-Flow System

The Spectro Biotek Instruments is a high performance stopped-flow spectrometer with outstanding optics and sample handling capabilities. Available as both single mixing and double mixing models, the Spectro Biotek Instruments is the instrument of choice for the study of rapid reaction kinetics.
The Spectro Biotek Instruments system is a fully integrated, computer-controlled instrument featuring the latest version of Kinetic Studio for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32/64bit).
Just a glance at the capabilities of the Spectro Biotek Instruments system will indicate how the instrument can bring high quality scientific results to the newcomer and experienced kineticist alike.
Versatile Detection Options - The Spectro Biotek Instruments features a high performance optical system that combines low stray light with high throughput. A modular approach allows the appropriate selection of monochromators, light sources and detectors according to the reaction being studied. Multi-wavelength absorbance analysis from a single shot using the KinetaScan diode array detector can be especially useful for small quantities of samples. Fluorescence polarisation and anisotropy measurements are fully software controlled, whilst conductivity allows the study of fast conductimetric reactions.
Programmable Multi-Shot Capability - Bringing added versatility for multi-wavelength analysis for both absorbance and fluorescence, even into the deep UV part of the spectrum. The Spectro Biotek Instruments is fully programmable for number of shots and wavelength, with the instrument adding age time to the list of user-controlled variables.
Innovative Design - The unique flow circuit design ensures that the minimal amount of solution is used for each experiment. This is particularly important if you are using mutant enzymes (or other proteins) or equally novel materials. A robust ceramic stop/waste valve gives extended life to the most commonly replaced component.
The robust nature and careful design of the flow circuit has led to it being an instrument of choice for users wishing to carry out their experiments under anaerobic conditions - the containment of reagents under low oxygen conditions is quite feasible. For some users, the choice is to use a glove box - among our areas of expertise is the ability to adapt instruments for use in glove boxes.
Kinetic Studio Speeds Data Processing - The modern Windows interface allows Kinetic Studio to provide a host of data handling and visualisation facilities. An easy export utility brings compatibility with other data processing packages such as SPECFIT/32, GRAMS 386, ORIGIN, ReactLab and THE SCIENTIST.