Spectro Biotek Instruments
About Company Profile :-
Finding Solutions through Innovation:
A Multi-Disciplined Approach Spectro Biotek Instruments began operations in 2004 as a fast growing company in Analytical Market. Its office is based on Delhi.

For three years we focused on Governments Institutes, Agricultural-Institutes, Medical Research Institutes & Hospitals , Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Institutes, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Institutes and in the field of Environmental sector.

We represent many Foreign Principals to deliver high sophisticated Instruments to our esteemed customers and time to time we understand the customer's need to establish new technologies & support this young fast growing market.

Spectro Biotek Instruments brings to India, a wide range of equipments and Calibration Standards such as:

Molecular Biology Products like CD Spectrometer, Stopped Flow System, Stopped Flow Systemaccessory to be coupled with any UV-Vis Spectrometer and Fluorescence Spectrometer.

Life Science and Biotechnology Products like Incubator, CO2 Incubator, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets – Class I , II and III (Vertical & Horizontal), Bio-safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Gel dryer and Electrophoreses Chambers, Orbital Shaker, 3-D Rocker Shaker, Vortex Mixers, Portable & Laboratory pH Meter, Rotary Evaporator, Ice Making machine etc.

Environment Products like Automated Digestion system, Graphite Block Digestion system, COD Digestion System, Hydraulic Press, Planetary Ball Mill , Freezer Mill and Plant and Animal Tissue Grinders etc.

Calibration Standards like NIST Traceable Environment Calibration Standards for Air Analysis such as CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, N2O, CH4, O2, SF6, VOC BTEX and TO-14A Standards.

Reference standards for Pesticide /PAH/PCB/PBB/Dyes /Petrochemicals/Food Standards for GC/GC-MS analysis and LC/LC-MS-MS analysis.

Metals & Oil Standards and supplies for AAS/ICP/ICP-MS/Ion Chromatography/ and XRF system.

This multi-disciplined approach for new product development and our extensive commitment to solving challenging technical issues are what set Spectro Biotek apart from our competitors.

It is no surprise that we gain and retain a high level of customer loyalty.

One of our important goals is to keep contact to researchers, to give them the right instrument for their new technology.

(Spectro Biotek is a trusted source for solutions.)